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My individual projects that I feel show what kind of designer I am.


Full game experiences made at The Game Assembly working tightly together with

Programmers, Animators, Artists & Technical Artists

These games run on game engines that we as a group construct from scratch.

Untitled-1 (3).jpg

Fungal P7

Third-Person Shooter

Who you gonna call when fungus break loose precisely the Fungus guy


Spite Absolution P6


Destroy the undead and seal your fate that is absolute.



Adventure Game

As a child in a destroyed city, you must use your wit and tools to fight monsters and find a remedy to save your infected mother.


Saga of Embla P4

2D Platformer

Navigate to the core of a currupted landscape looking for your brother while helping your trusted companion Saga cleanse the land

Untitled-1 (1).jpg

Prototype X P3


This first projekt where we had to work with a more custom engine: TGA2D

bild_2022-02-07_140034 (1).png

Yokai Forest P2

FOXFIRE Mobile Puzzle game

Take on the role as a mystical fox. Explore a magical world with plenty of puzzles to solve while enjoying the scenery.

Untitled-1 (2).jpg

Pniff P1

Project 1 - infinet runner

P.N.I.F.F Is a game about a jetpack using penguin, sliding his way through desert levels.


Project 8

Not Yet Announced

Our final project with our group before we all scatter and begin our internships.

This is a bigger project that will span 9 weeks full time.

Group size: 15 game developers

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